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Want to Work With Us? 

                    We Live to Inspire and Support People to                                                                 SHINE 


We make all our workshops, speeches and TV appearances energetic, stimulating and fun, so that our clients, mentees and audiences leave feeling inspired, overjoyed, and ready to

Shine Bright. Our Sessions are 100% guaranteed satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, we do not do any sessions or talks for free. Efe spent over 10 years volunteering at numerous schools and organisations but she is a professional mentor and so has to

charge for her transformative work and results.

We offer the service all over the world. Our greatest mission is to uplift, empower and inspire billions of our children and young people all over the world to shine and independently create a life of joy and happiness for themselves. 

Efe is in demand...Contact Us ASAP for your Inquiry or booking

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