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Youth Mentor & Founder of shine 



Hello World, Efe Here!


My mission and purpose is to raise the aspirations, joy and shine of children and young people all over the world. In the most magnificent and unique way!


My days started in the coolest place on Earth…Hackney in East London. Born to Nigerian parents who were super creative, funny, intelligent, unique, shiny and incredibly loving. I never had a choice to live my life as a normal kid...shine was in my DNA!  I became obsessed with TV, Teaching, Film, Creativity and people early.


Therefore, I made a very important decision that this would be my life quest at 11.  Yes! I know right! Early! but when you know…you know

So, off to University I went and honed my TV skills and got my first job at MTV. A dream come true. I then went onto work at some the greatest Advertising Agencies as a TV/RADIO & Online Producer on top brands such as Sky, Nike, Virgin, Baileys and Ford...Plus Many More. 

I have also presented for the BBC, appeared on various UK shows and soaps, written guest blogs for magazines and spoken on TV for Sky News & Yahoo Online as a Youth & Popular Culture Expert.


I started Ushine Ishine youth mentoring company in 2009 because I knew that it was now my time to fulfill my greatest passion of becoming a mentor and teacher. My Absolute Love!  


I have Inspired and mentored thousands of young people and worked with top Schools, Universities, Charities and companies such as The Princes Trust, Media Trust, National Citizen Service, Murray Edwards – Cambridge University to Barclays Bank Life Skills Programme plus many more. I have been blessed to deliver some of the most inspirational and transformational workshops that Young people and adults have ever seen. I have also produced and filmed interviews and campaigns with community and young role models for our You Tube Channel. 

The philosophy and passion of my mentorship was to build a powerful platform which can engage every child and young person’s life. I have achieved many of my initial goals since the inception of Ushine Ishine.  I have been able to work with every age group from 6mths old to 25 years old and older.

Over time I have worked with children who just need a little more encouragement in all areas of life to our children who have special needs and have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, physical disabilities and complex needs. The other side is then working with young people who have aggressive tendencies or complex mental health issues and problems that have lead them to be excluded from mainstream school. Plus, having the privilege of working on the rehabilitation of young men in prison. I have experienced it all. 

I dreamed of working with all children and have seen it come into fruition in a greater way then I could have ever imagined and I have learned so much about the best practices for all children. I have the highest appreciation for being part of bringing out the best in all of the children that have touched my life.  I wanted to be and have become one of the greatest youth mentors and leave a bright shinning legacy with my vision and the teachings to date and many years to come.


We have and will continue to galvanise, involve and encourage many children and young people to become and continue to a pivotal part of society but also to realize that they can still ‘shine’ with their own uniqueness, happiness and create avenues for their dreams to become a reality because they will ultimately become successful people in all areas of their lives. 


The future is certainly bright. I am taking the Ushine Ishine Brand of positivity and shine into new and creative channels and platforms with more Presenting for TV/Radio/Online, International Speaking and TV Appearances as a youth expert, motivational speaker.


I will be writing inspirational books and children’s books, producing scripts and concepts for TV and Film, writing about youth issues for blogs, International TV appearances and creating a online School and legacy of UShine IShine. Exciting and Inspirational Times!


Hope you are ready to shine bright, world



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